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Low Voltage Lighting Kits Underground LED FL937

胜负15022投注比例 www.fqqnjc.com.cn Body Material: Aluminium
Trim Finish: Grey / White / Black
Lamp Head: fixed
Installation: ?Underground
IP: 20

Total Power: 8W

Luminous Flux: 607 LM
CCT: 3000K
CRI: >90
Beam Angle:4° /25°

Certificates: CE ROHS
Factory Warranty: 5 Years

Standard Carton Dimension:
Qty Per Carton:

The Portfolio Low Voltage Lighting Kits FL937 is to enhance your outdoor living space. This kit total 444mm height, an 8-watt power also can be orderd in 3colors white, black and grey. This low voltage lighting produces a bright 607 lumen light output to brighten up pathways, walkways, and other garden areas.

In some case we need the lighting aim to a very small target from far distance. Then this low voltage lighting kits can be a better choice for you. Beam angle for this light from 4deg to 7deg. extremely narrow.

Low Voltage Lighting Kits Fl937 where can be installed

  • Densely populated urban areas
  • Areas where land is unavailable or planning consent is difficult to obtain within an acceptable timeframe;
  • Waterways and other natural obstacles;
  • Land with outstanding natural or environmental heritage or vulnerable eco-systems;

Low Voltage Lighting Kits Underground LED FL937

Low Voltage Lighting Kits FL937

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